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Why use an Independent Insurance Agent in California?

Independent Insurance Agents for Personal or Commercial Insurance

Insurance coverages and exclusions can be technical, and confusing. Some insurance policies exclude or limit coverage for certain types of losses. Insurance policies are filled with insurance terminology. Insurance premium rating can be complex, and many companies don’t publish available discounts unless you specifically ask about them. An independent insurance agent has been educated to navigate the complexities of insurance, and can help you slice through some of these complexities so you can make informed decisions about insurance.

An independent agent is not tied to a particular insurance company. They have relationships with multiple carriers, giving them the ability to compare rates, coverages and discounts from different companies so they can access the lowest rates and best coverage for their customers. By using an independent insurance agent, you gain a valuable resource who keeps a skilled eye on your insurance policies, and alert you to important changes in rates and coverages.

California independent insurance agents should be able to answer any of your insurance questions whether it involves car or truck insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, flood insurance, business insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, or other types of insurance in California.

Your insurance agent should be experienced with personal and commercial insurance, skilled at listening and highly responsive to your needs so they can help you make appropriate choices about your insurance coverage. You should feel comfortable communicating with your agent. If you are in California and your agent is not responsive to questions, consider contacting the insurance professionals at Armor Insurance to discuss your situation.

Choosing a California Independent Insurance Agent

When choosing an independent insurance agent in California, check with the California state department of insurance to verify that the agent is licensed, and that their license is in good standing.

When choosing a California independent insurance agent, you should ask the agent if they use technology to support policy placement and management, and customer communication. Technology can make the insurance process more efficient, which saves you time.

Check with the California State Department of Insurance to verify that an independent insurance agent is licensed, and in good standing.

Solid Advice, Peace of Mind

Independent insurance agents in California, such as at Armor Insurance, can offer solid advice when it comes to obtaining high quality California insurance coverage at the lowest rates.

By staying on top of changes in the insurance industry and identifying rating trends, Armor offers their customers the best experience and peace of mind when it comes to securing and managing policies. Working with an experienced agent who uses technology, such as Armor, puts a resource in your corner that can help make your life a lot easier, and make your financial picture a lot more secure.

Contact Armor Insurance with questions about insurance in California, or to get an insurance quote.