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Car Insurance Tips: It’s Almost Time for Summer Road Trips!

Get Ready for Summer Travel in your Vehicle - 8 Road Trip Tips

Summer is almost here and many people are planning summer vacations and family road trips. Before traveling in your car or truck this summer, make sure you plan ahead, and carry a few necessary items for safety, comfort, and in the event of an accident or emergency.

For a fun and safe journey in your family car or truck, here are 8 road trip tips:

Check your vehicle for needed repairs or maintenance about 1-2 weeks before you leave. This gives you adequate time to get an oil change, change your brake pads, or get any needed maintenance or service done before you leave.

    • Check brakes – make sure they are in working order.
    • Check oil – make sure to follow a regular oil-change schedule for your car or truck.
    • Check tire pressure – add air if needed or adjust the tire pressure depending on the anticipated temperature and driving conditions.

Carry first aid and vehicle safety kits containing first aid supplies, flash light and batteries, spare tire, lug wrench, tire pressure gauge, tire jack and a few other basic vehicle repair tools.

Carry water and snacks – avoid hunger and dehydration while on the road by sipping water while you travel and having a few light snacks available in case you get hungry. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks if you are the driver – the post-sugar crash can cause you to feel much less alert, or tired.

Install a map-app on your mobile phone, or familiarize yourself with the GPS system in your car (if you have one). Program your destination before you leave so you aren’t distracted while driving. If you use your phone’s GPS, make sure you use a suitable hands-free device for your phone.

You might also want to download some helpful Road Trip Apps before you leave to have quick access to maps, traffic information, vehicle diagnostics, entertainment and more.

Carry your proof of insurance card with the name and number of your insurance agent or insurance company, and your policy number. You will be able to provide this information to others should it be needed.

Contact your insurance agent to review your insurance coverage. You might consider increasing your liability limits for better protection should you be involved in an accident.

Get a roadside assistance plan and take your card or the assistance phone number with you. If you don’t have a roadside assistance plan, contact your insurance agent and ask if your policy can have one added to it.

Have Fun! Taking a summer road trip in your car is a great way to spend time with your family.

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Safe Travels

Taking a few extra precautions can make traveling safer, and lot more fun.

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