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Car Insurance Tips: How to Get Low Car Insurance Rates in California

10 Tips on how to reduce the amount you pay for Car Insurance

Most of us have heard that we should “compare rates” to get the best possible deal on car insurance. Does this mean we simply get quotes from lots of different insurance companies to find the lowest rate? Not necessarily. Many factors go into the amount you actually end up paying for car insurance. Simply comparing car insurance quotes can leave you comparing apples to oranges.

Here are 10 points to consider when looking for the lowest possible car insurance rates:

One of the simplest ways to save on car insurance is to avoid speeding, put down your cell phone when driving, and pay attention while you drive. Being a safe driver with no tickets or accidents can save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance, each year. Drivers with tickets or accidents generally do not qualify for the lowest rates, while safe drivers usually get the best rates, and discounts.

The amount of miles you drive your car is an important insurance rating factor. If you can rideshare, or take a train or bus to work, you can reduce the total number of miles you put on your vehicle each year. Lowering miles driven may help reduce your car insurance premium.

Taking higher deductibles on comprehensive and collision insurance coverage may help you lower your insurance costs. While this approach might leave you paying more out of your pocket in the event of an accident, increasing your deductible often results in lower rates.

Insurance discounts can help you save on car insurance. Common discounts include multi-car discounts, multi-policy or policy bundling discounts, safe driver discounts, mature driver discounts, group affiliation and professional organization discounts, anti-theft device and safety device discounts, claims-free discounts, good student discounts, and more. Contact your insurance agent to see what discounts you qualify for.

Get car insurance quotes from 3-4 companies. By comparing personalized rate quotes for the same types and levels of coverage, including discounts, you’ll be better informed when making a decision about which insurance company to choose. Comparing car insurance rates and coverages can pay off with big savings.

Some California car insurance carriers offer discounts for completing defensive driving courses, or specialized driver training courses, especially for mature drivers and teens. Discounts for completing these types of courses can sometimes be as high as 25%.

Different vehicles come with different insurance rates. Research the cost of insurance for the vehicle you want before you buy it.

You’ll want to make sure your insurance company provides quality claims service should you need to report a claim.

While monthly payments can help you spread out premium costs over time, if you can afford to pay your insurance premium for a 6 or 12 month term up front, do it! This can save you money by avoiding fees for making payments over time.

Getting car insurance quotes through an Independent Agent, such as Armor Insurance, can create savings opportunities. Armor Insurance can help you compare quotes from multiple companies, has access to the lowest car insurance rates possible, and can find insurance discounts that are not openly promoted by insurance companies.

The experienced insurance agents at Armor can review your policy and help you determine how driving habits, discount eligibility, miles driven, and coverage choices can affect your bottom line car insurance costs. Contact Armor today to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies, and see if you qualify for the lowest possible rates for car insurance.

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