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Workers' Compensation Insurance

Does Your Business need Work Comp Insurance?

Employers have a responsibility to employees to make the workplace safe. However, accidents can still happen even when precautions are taken and reasonable safety measures have been implemented.

In California, Workers' Compensation laws provide that employees who are injured on the job must receive medical care, rehabilitation services, and compensation for lost income resulting from any work-related injury.

As an employer, Workers' Compensation insurance can help you reduce or eliminate the risk of financial loss as well as reduce or eliminate the high cost of litigation and workers compensation claim defense... a real risk in California.

Comply with California Law

Armor Insurance can help you

At Armor Insurance, we have extensive experience helping customers secure Workers' Compensation policies and can guide you through the process of understanding and obtaining suitable coverage, so you can be in compliance with California law.

Workers' Compensation Insurance ensures that employers can pay medical benefits for injured workers, as required. Workers' Compensation Insurance is specifically intended to cover worker injuries sustained or aggravated while performing their job.

If you have questions about Work' Comp Insurance, please contact Armor for personal assistance.

Work Comp Insurance Experts

Armor can help you find affordable Workers' Compensation Insurance with top insurance companies.

Workers Compensation Insurance