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Renter's Insurance

Insurance coverage for your belongings & liability risk when you rent your home.

Whether you rent an apartment, condo or house as your home, the owner of your rental, or home association, generally has responsibility for insuring the building, and interior furnishings.

Your personal belongings and appliances that you own, such as a refrigerator, are not covered by your landlord's insurance policy. Personal liablity claims for injuries to others or lawsuits against you that arise out of your actions or are caused by your pet(s) are also not covered.

To prevent catastrophic financial loss from unforseen incidents, you should get renter's insurance.

Whether you need personal liability protection or would like coverage for your belongings, Armor Insurance can help you access low rates and discounts on renter's insurance.

Armor has relationships with many insurance companies, giving us an edge when it comes to finding you the right renter's insurance coverage at the lowest price.

Renter's Insurance Coverages

  • Personal Belongings - covers loss or damage to the contents of your rental unit that you own such as clothing, electronics, personal belongings and furniture.
  • Temporary Living Expense- covers necessary living expenses above what you would normally spend when your unit can't be lived in because of a loss.
  • Comprehensive Personal Liability - protects you against claims and lawsuits from others if you are responsible for damage to their property, or for their injuries (exclusions may apply).
  • Scheduled Personal Property - optional protection for high-value artwork, musical instruments, coins, jewelry and other items which are limited on a standard condo insurance policy.

Do you own a dog?

If you rent our home or apartment and have a dog, you need personal liability coverage to protect you from claims and lawsuits if your dog bites someone. Contact Armor for more information.

Low Rates & Discounts

Armor Insurance can help you access low rates and discounts for quality renter's insurance.

Own a Condo?

See Condo Insurance for more information.

Home-based Business?

Contact Armor to see if you need business insurance.

Renter's Insurance