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Condo Insurance

Insurance for Your Condo Interior Upgrades, Personal Belongings & Liability Risk

When you own a condo, your association generally has responsibility for insuring the building structure, exterior components of the building, and common areas.

Your personal belongings, interior furnishings and upgrades such as custom granite countertop or travertine flooring, are not covered by your association. Also, personal liablity claims for injuries to others or lawsuits against you are not covered by your association's policy.

To be ready for unforseen incidents and for financial protection, you should maintain a condo insurance policy.

Whether you need a condo insurance policy to satisfy your mortgage lender requirements, or want the peace of mind that comes with a policy of insurance that includes personal liability coverage and coverage for your belongings and interior upgrades, Armor Insurance can help you access low rates and discounts on condo insurance through top insurance companies.

Armor has strong relationships with top insurance companies, giving us an advantage when it comes to finding you the right condo insurance coverage at the best price.

Condo Insurance Coverages

  • Personal Belongings - covers loss or damage to the contents of your condo, and personal belongings that you own including clothing, furniture, and appliances.
  • Interior & Upgrades - covers loss or damage to the interior of your condo and upgrades such as hardwood floors and premium countertops. Some associations cover the original interiors, but many do not.
  • Temporary Living Expense - covers necessary living expenses above what you would normally spend when your condo can't be lived in because of a covered loss, or during repairs from a covered loss.
  • Comprehensive Personal Liability - protects you against claims and lawsuits from others if you are responsible for damage to their property, or for their injuries (some exclusions apply).
  • Scheduled Personal Property - optional protection for high-value jewelry, art and other items which are limited on a standard condo insurance policy.

Owning a Condo versus Renting a Condo

If you rent a condo and are not the condominium owner, you can still obtain coverage for your personal belongings. Visit Renter's Insurance for more information.

Low Rates & Discounts

Armor Insurance can help you access low rates and discounts for quality condo owner's insurance with top insurance companies.

Renting a Condo?

See Renter's Insurance for more information.

Home-based Business?

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